Welcome to the New Era

    This is the start of a new journey. New opportunities, new ventures, new memories, new everything. This is the chance to change my life for good. Welcome, my friends, to the new era of Come one, come all, to witness this new beginning of my life as I start Chapter 21 in the book of me.

    era – a memorable or important date or event especially : one that begins a new period in the history of a person or thing.

    While I was away from the influencer world, I spent a lot of time resurfacing old wounds and healing from them. I spent a lot of time working with God to understand my life path and my purpose. Also, I spent that time getting rid of unnecessary stress, toxic people, toxic traits within myself, and negativity in my environment. I started to focus more on things that made me happy and I surrounded myself with people who truly cared about me.

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