How to Create an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

how to create an aesthetic instagram feedCreating an aesthetic Instagram feed is not easy. I’ve tried time and time again trying to create those “perfect” photos, finding the “perfect” lighting, and increasing follower engagement. I’ve learned that it’s something you can’t force – those things come naturally. Through personal experience, trial/error, and research, here are some tips on how to create an aesthetic Instagram feed that’s ideal for you!

Choose Your Aesthetic

Choosing an aesthetic really isn’t as hard as it sounds. Basically, what do you want to post about? If you’re blogging or own a business, then you already have an aesthetic in place. Aesthetics range from beauty, food, lifestyle, traveling, art, and more. Another addition to the aesthetic is the edit/filter/effect used. VSCO cam has a ton of wonderful filters, with easy ways to edit your photos.

For me, I love earth tones. I also have an art/lifestyle blog. So with my ideal Instagram aesthetic, I am going to combine all three of those. I’ve tried so hard to have the perfect photo placements in my feed grid, but I’ve learned to just let that go. Be free and organic, your feed comes out a lot better. Here’s a peek at my current feed:how to create an aesthetic instagram feed

For more insight on choosing your aesthetic and picking a filter preset in VSCO cam, check out this helpful video – click here!

Use Natural Lighting

Remember this – natural lighting almost always beats artificial lighting. The sun is your best friend when it comes to taking great photos. You don’t have to take photos outside to achieve natural lighting. When taking photos, whether they’re flatlays or selfies, be sure to be in range of a window.

  • Try not to take backlit photos – photos where you or the item you’re photographing is within the shadow of the sun. To better understand this concept, try this:

Head over to a window. Pull out your camera. Take a photo of yourself facing the window. After that, turn around and take a photo with your back to the window. The lighting in the photos will differ greatly. The darker image (with your back towards the window), is a backlit photo.

Super Helpful Lighting Tip – when taking photos on your phone, hold down onto the area you’d like to adjust the lighting on. This accesses the AE Lock, which will keep your photos evenly lit to take a ton of them!

Invest in Affordable Equipment

You don’t have to break the bank in order to take great photos. Check out stores online and in your area for affordable equipment. In a later post, I’ll give you a detailed breakdown on all of the equipment I use to film and capture photos. All of my equipment, excluding my phone, was less than $50 total! Be sure to subscribe to my email list to know when that post is released!

Edit Your Photos!

Don’t be afraid to edit your photos! There’s nothing wrong with using filters to help your feed aesthetic come full-circle. Many feeds you see use filters to help create that unified look. I personally use VSCO for editing my photos and it works wonders.

Super Helpful Editing Tip –  when using VSCO, stick to one or two preset modes when creating your aesthetic. Also, you can now save recipes in VSCO to help keep each effect the same. This helps to keep everything in the same range and looks super appealing to the eye!

how to create an aesthetic instagram feed


Have Fun with It

Remember – it’s just Instagram! Having fun along the way is key in anything you do. Take the photos you want, and don’t stress yourself out over likes and follower engagement. If you love what you post, everything else will come naturally. Now go on, use these tips, and create an aesthetic Instagram feed!

If you found these tips helpful, please share with your family, friends, and followers! It let’s me know that you’d like more content like this. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram. I’ll see ya in the next one!


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